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GINA's Puffin Feeder Captures the First Winter Storm of 2015 in Barrow Alaska
Posted about 1 month ago

GINA’s Puffin Feeder is a website designed to provide a near real-time data feeds.  One of those feeds is the UAF-GI Sea Ice Group’s webcam images and animations looking north over the Arctic Ocean coast of Barrow, AK.  Last week, on August 27th, the NWS issued the first 2015 Winter Storm Warning for Barrow. The storm that ensued resulted in coastal flooding as can be seen in photos taken by an NWS employee the morning of the 27th (see below).

Thanks to GINA System Analyst Greg Wirth who brought our attention to the fact that the Barrow webcam feed caught the entire storm and flooding event in 5 minute increments.  The storm swell can be witnessed in the animation as it breaches the seawall and floods coastal buildings and roads. But what is even more impressive in the animation is the skillful, prompt and efficient reaction of Emergency Services personnel in Barrow.  Teams of with heavy equipment can be seen rushing into action to repair several segments of broken seawall, all the while with the storm and sea raging around them.  The 24 hour animation as well as a descriptive series of still webcam photos are also posted below the NWS site photo.    

GINA’s Puffin Feeder is located at  If you visit today and check out the most recent webcam still photo, you can see that the seawall has been significantly reinforced since the 27th. Great Job!

Additional background information about Puffin Feeder can be found at

NWS photo of high water in Barrow, AK taken on the morning of 8/27/2015.

Barrow webcam still taken at 8:34pm on 8/26/2015 - the day before the storm.

Barrow webcam still taken at 7:09AM on 8/27/2015 showing initial storm-surge.

Barrow webcam still taken at 11:09AM on 8/27/2015 showing the flooded van that also visible in NWS photo above.

Barrow webcam still taken at 12:04PM on 8/27/2015 showing storm-surge inundation.

Barrow webcam still taken at 1:14PM on 8/27/2015 showing initial emergency response.

Barrow webcam still taken at 2:40PM on 8/27/2015 showing continued emergency response.

Barrow webcam still taken at 5:50PM on 8/27/2015 showing the seawall pretty well restored.

Barrow webcam still taken at 12:05PM on 8/31/2015 showing fully restored and built up seawall. 

Link: Full 8/27/2015 time-lapse animation on GINA’s Puffin Feeder

- Pete


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