Vanessa Raymond

Project Manager

What I do

Project management, inter-project coordination, and strategy for Arctic security and operational users portfolio at GINA. Projects support GINA partners such as NASA ACE, NASA UTM and LVC-DE, UAF-ACUASI, AK NSF EPSCoR CI support, ASRC-Federal, NOAA Alaska Direct Broadcast, and others.


Vanessa joined GINA as a research assistant on the Center for Island, Maritime and Extreme Environment Security (CIMES) project in 2014. Some of her work for CIMES is still used in Arctic security projects today. She quickly became a valuable member of the GINA team and was hired on full time as a Project Manager after successfully managing the Arctic Adaptation Exchange Portal for the Arctic Council's Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG), and AWRVI web application development for AK NSF EPSCoR.

Prior to coming to GINA Vanessa was an operations manager at a Boston tech firm specializing in global health mobile applications for the developing world. Vanessa is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Bulgaria 2009 - 2012), and started her career in tour operations and logistics in the jazz music industry in New York.


B.A. in Jazz History and Cultural Studies, Hampshire College

M.A. in Arctic Governance, University of Alaska Fairbanks