Alaska Mapped - Alaska Mapped is the state’s main source for current and historical aerial images. GINA and the Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative (SDMI) collect the data.
Alaska View - AlaskaView is part of the nationwide program known as AmericaView.
Arctic Transportation Network - The Alaska Transportation Network (ATN) is an effort to improve oil and gas transportation on Alaska’s North Slope, the area north of the Brooks Range.
Amaru - GINA's Sensor Data System
Ecological Mapping and Field Site Photography - This project revised and completed ecological mapping of northern Alaska. This work builds on prior efforts undertaken by the National Park Service, The Nature Conservancy and industry providing a consistent interpretation throughout the North Slope region. In addition field site photography (ground and helicopter based) were compiled for over 14,000 locations on the North Slope.
MODIS-derived Snow Metrics - The National Park Service and Geographic Information Network of Alaska (GINA) developed an algorithm to derive snow cover climatology for Alaska using the MODIS snow cover daily product.
MODIS-derived NDVI metrics - GINA and the National Park Service worked together to develop a MODIS-derived NDVI metrics algorithm. The data products from this project are available as a Web Coverage Service (WCS) with MODIS-derived yearly NDVI metrics. The data coverage includes the entire state of Alaska for the years between 2000 and 2010.

Geospatial Training Lab

North Slope Lakes Winter SAR Analysis - The primary result of this project is a GIS vector dataset (shapefile) that identifies areas of winter liquid water availability within lakes throughout the North Slope coastal plain. This data set represents a one-time “snapshot” of winter liquid water availability as determined through the analysis of 36 SAR images that were acquired during April 2009. In addition the project final report and technical background documents are provided.
North Slope Science Catalog - The North Slope Science Initiative (NSSI) provides a framework for collaborative scientific research in the North Slope.
Puffin Feeder - The Puffin Feeder is our website that provides a simple interface to access near-realtime imagery products. These products may be directly captured or generated based on other data feeds and are available through the website and as RSS (rich site summary) feeds.
Sizonet - The Seasonal Ice Zone Observing Network (Sizonet) is an interdisciplinary project to observe seasonal sea ice in the context of sweeping environmental, geo-political, and socio-economic change.
SwathViewer - Swathviewer is the main web portal used to browse two-decades-worth of GINA’s satellite imagery.
Pacman - Pacific Area Climate Monitoring and Analysis Network is a multi-year effort to better understand how climate change impacts freshwater resources (and the communities that depend on those resources) in Alaska and Hawaii
Shorezone - The Alaska ShoreZone Project is taking an inventory of the biology and geology of Alaska’s immense coastline by making millions of photographs, video, and digital data of Alaska