Arctic Transportation Network


The Alaska Transportation Network (ATN) is an effort to improve oil and gas transportation on Alaska’s North Slope, the area north of the Brooks Range. This involves developing tools to use in accurate weather forecasting, modeling environmental conditions for tundra travel, and management of ice roads and pads.

Many departments at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, including the Geophysical Institute, the International Arctic Research Center, the Institute of Northern Engineering, and the Water and Environmental Research Center are partners in the effort.

GINA developed the to provide a website that provided:
  • Mobile interface for users in field to check the latest status
  • Mobile admin interface to allow for the DNR managers to update status and attributes while in the field
  • Easily embeddable web map showing green/red status for each area
  • A developer API to allow for others to integrate the various attributes and fields into their own ATN focused websites.

You can see this in use on the Alaska DNR Arctic Transportation Map 

Below is the current status for each of the Arctic transportation network zones (only updated in Winter months):